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Opening and Safety Precautions

We are overjoyed at the opportunity to worship with you this Sunday, both at our church facility and online. For those planning to join us, in person, please carefully read the following information;

1) Service Time & Arrival Time – Our service will begin as usual, at                 10:30AM. However, those planning to attend in person, should consider           arriving at least 15 minutes early.

2) Parking, Entry & Fellowship - When arriving, you may park as you             normally do. However, when entering the building, please refrain from             gathering closely together. Fellowship is encouraged, but should be done         outside or in areas we can practice the 6-foot guideline. Ultimately, the
   guidelines will not prevent us from expressing our love for one another. We     expect to see a lot of smiles, meaningful conversations from 6 feet away,         and ‘air’ hugs/handshakes.

3) Personal Protective Equipment – For those who have been wearing masks       and gloves, please wear them on Sunday. Also, masks and gloves will be           made available for those who desire them. 


4) Worship/Meeting Spaces
 Please sit with your family. The chairs will be setup with singles, couples         and families in mind.
 Please endeavor to be flexible in regards to what area you worship,                 remembering that Jesus has promised to be with us, without regard to             where we sit.

5) Families and Children
 We will offer a nursery/toddler ministry. We have a nursery room for parents to use with infants and we have a volunteer watched nursery/toddler room. 
 We have now opened up children's church. Pre-K4 - fifth grade will start out with parents in the sanctuary and will be dismissed to go with Pastor Laura. 

6) Hand Sanitizer and Sanitizing – Please utilize the hand sanitizer stations as      frequently as possible.  These are located in the foyer, outside the                  restrooms, youth room and children’s church area.  Also, our facility will be      sanitized before, and after our gatherings.

7) Restrooms – Please ensure that there are no more than 2 people at a time       in the restrooms. Also, please make use of the hand sanitizers before               entering and after leaving the restrooms.

8) The Offering - As you are aware, our tithes and offerings are a part of            worship, and we are grateful for how you have given during the pandemic. In    our efforts to gather safely, we will ask you to put your offerings in one of      several boxes, that will be conveniently located for your use.

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